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  Pu Mei Furniture Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. The norm, integrity and enterprising are the way of Pu Mei's management. Pu Mei's position is to be the leader in the Chinese office industry and become the mainstay of the office furniture industry.

  Excellent corporate culture

  Excellent corporate culture gives employees a sense of collective honor and loves the company. Talents are regarded as capital, and they focus on cultivating the values and cultural concepts of employees. Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise, a commander in corporate activities, and a guide to corporate action. It has an irreplaceable core role in business operations.

  corporate vision

  "Becoming an excellent leader in the office furniture industry in China." In order to achieve this vision at an early date, Pu Mei asked herself to work hard from the following aspects:

  1. Continuously study professional technology to improve the office and living standards of Chinese people;

  2. Always provide customers with office products and good after-sales service to meet their needs;

  3. Demonstrate the humanistic spirit of “pursuit of perfection” and become the representative of achieving ideal office life;

  4. Rapidly and steadily develop the company's business and achieve scale effect;

  5. Improve efficiency and achieve first-class profitability in the industry;

  6, establish a brand, become the most well-known and most trusted enterprise in the office furniture industry;

  7. Have the best professional and management personnel in the industry, and provide them with the best development space and the most competitive remuneration package;

  8. Establish an image of outstanding emerging companies with honest and rational business practices;

  9. Provide investors with an ideal return.

  Corporate purposes

  “Leading a minimalist new style and sharing the essence of elegance”. The purpose has several meanings:

  1. For customers, it means understanding your life and creating an ideal space to show yourself;

  2. For investors, it means understanding your expectations and returning a satisfactory and satisfactory income;

  3. For employees, it means understanding your pursuit and providing an ideal platform for self-fulfillment;

  4. For the society, it means understanding the needs of the times and establishing an ideal image of a modern enterprise.

  core value

  Create a healthy and rich aesthetic life. Core values include several aspects:

  1, the customer is Pu Mei's forever partner

  2. Talent is the capital of Pu America

  3. "The system of sunlight illuminating"

  4, continuous growth and leading

  Committed to building a "sunlight-illuminated system" and adhering to the normative, honest, and enterprising management approach, it is the basic value concept of Pu Mei; Pu Mei's culture has always adhered to simplicity, standardization, and transparency. Pu Mei adheres to the principle that "talent is Vanke's capital." "The concept of employing people has always maintained an equal and win-win relationship between employees and companies, customers and partners. Through market innovation, product innovation, service innovation and institutional innovation, the pursuit of quality and efficiency continues to grow. The only way to achieve industry leadership and create a rich life.

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