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  Shanghai Pumei Furniture Co., Ltd. is a cutting-edge brand company specializing in the design, development, manufacturing, sales and service of office furniture, laboratory equipment, school and hotel furniture. Pu Mei launches the mid-to-high-end office furniture brand with the brand features of “quality and innovation”, focusing on innovative design and sincere service, and creating spiritual office space as the goal to satisfy the customers' pursuit of modern furniture use space. Since the establishment of the brand, it has won the recognition of the market with its distinctive personality characteristics, and has quickly become the mainstay of the office furniture industry.

  Based in the open Shanghai, the company's headquarters has a modern garden-style factory and living area covering more than 20,000 square meters, and a 2,000 square meters humanized and intelligent exhibition hall. A full set of international advanced production and testing equipment, a group of professional and technical personnel engaged in design and development of talents, manufacturing, installation, furniture professional management, high-quality production testing personnel and modern marketing talents. Committed to providing customers with professional office space solutions, providing customers with systematic, stylish and luxurious office life experience services. “Light” represents a low-key, comfortable but not noble and elegant attitude; “luxury” represents a kind of luxury, but it is a state that does not cause stress and pursues quality and exquisite life. Pu Mei Furniture has a clear product positioning and unique service model, allowing customers to obtain more fashionable, more economical, and lower management costs. Pu Mei Furniture tends to be a rational and healthy way of consumption. Pursuing simplicity is the office space with speed and organization. It can more effectively reflect the customer's own mood, taste and belief - because it is best for you, it is the best.

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