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  ATA is the founder of China's intelligent testing services, China's largest provider of testing and education services. Founded in 1999, ATA has independently developed the world's leading Dynamic Operational Test Technology (DST) with advanced test concepts, providing customers with optimized test solutions, greatly improving the reliability and validity of the test. The company solved many problems that plagued the global test industry, and the company also achieved rapid development. In 2001, ATA Company relied on the unique technology and resource advantages accumulated for a long time, relying on the modern education concept, actively engaged in the reform of China's vocational education, integrating the quality education resources of famous IT vendors at home and abroad such as Microsoft and Adobe, and providing new talents for Chinese universities. Training programs and teaching programs, as well as comprehensive support services and support.

  When customers entered our 2000 square meter exhibition hall, they immediately indicated that the modern office furniture style of the exhibition hall was what they wanted to find. Due to the high quality requirements of the customers, after a serious experience, it is necessary to visit our production workshop. After seeing our production process, the customer has firmly knocked down the order! Before the official signing, the company's designers went to the customer site to survey the size, listen to the customer's details and put forward a professional Suggestions. The following small series will take you to visit these creative modern office furniture after completion!

  First of all, visit the staff office area. The white staff table makes people look clean and fresh, fresh and natural. The table screen partition is made of jade glass, which gives employees a little privacy. A row of neat visual line slots on the table has highlighted the company's emphasis on the functionality and practicality of modern office furniture. Coupled with a heavy and serious seat, the entire office immediately gives a refreshing feeling.

  Shanghai Park Mei office furniture focuses on the production and sales of functional modern office furniture for 12 years, and professionally customizes the matching solution for individualized office space.

  Thank you for your support and trust in Shanghai Park Mei office furniture. We are pursuing simplicity, service and sincerity to bring you the best service.

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