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How to maintain the office chair



  Office white-collar workers spend most of their time in the office, not to mention that overtime friends will spend more time. An indispensable part of the office is office furniture. They are the longest friends to accompany you, and sometimes they may even affect your mood. So take care of your office furniture, the following small series of Guanchen furniture will tell you some tips for maintaining office furniture.

  First, clean in time

  During the use of the desk and chair, there are often some unexpected situations, such as contact with moisture or corrosive gases or liquids. Moisture and corrosive stains can easily damage or corrode the surface of the office chair. Therefore, it is usually necessary to avoid touching the desk and chair with moisture and corrosive objects. If you accidentally get it, you should clean it in time.

  Second, regular inspection

  The desk and chair sometimes have problems, the light is invisible from the surface, and you need to look at the inconspicuous screws and the table legs to see it. For example, the screws are loose or fall off, causing the desk to wobble. Therefore, you should check your desk and chair regularly, especially if you don't pay attention to it.

  Third, treat differently

  Office furniture of different materials, in addition to the difference in appearance, the greater difference is the performance. For example, real wooden tables and chairs, when used normally, do not touch water and scraping; marble tables and chairs, dirt resistance is very poor, stains easily penetrate into the inside. Therefore, different maintenance methods should be adopted for desks or office chairs of different materials.

  The following is a brief introduction to the maintenance methods of office furniture for different materials.

  First, leather furniture

  First let's take a look at how leather furniture should be maintained. Many managers like to buy leather furniture in their own offices and conference rooms, because it not only looks elegant, but also has a glossy color and a good touch. To prevent the texture from changing, you should avoid direct sunlight. During the cleaning process, you can first clean with a neutral detergent, then with less than 30 degrees of water, and then dry with a soft dry cotton cloth.

  Second, fabric furniture

  The fabric sofa is soft and colorful, so it is often dust-proof and anti-scaling. In general, it can be cleaned in this way: if it is covered with dust, just pat or clean it with a vacuum cleaner. If you accidentally spill the beverage on the surface, clean it with a mild detergent and wipe it with a clean cloth. For stubborn stains, it is best to send them to a professional store for cleaning. In addition, it must prevent deformation and prolong its life.

  Third, wooden furniture

  Wooden office furniture is the most common piece of furniture. The biggest advantage of natural wood furniture products is the natural color. They need good air because they are susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity and may expand or contract if they are affected by extreme weather. It can therefore be cleaned with a neutral detergent and then rinsed with water. After drying, people can polish with wax. Regular waxing every 6-12 months. Avoid direct sunlight and avoid contact with corrosive liquids, alcohol, nail polish, etc.

  Four, linen sofa

  The most fascinating part of the linen sofa is its good thermal conductivity. Even if it is hot in summer, don't worry about sweaty and slimy. The texture of the burlap sofa is tight and soft, soft and hard, with a simple and natural temperament. Due to the gap on the surface of the fabric, it is necessary to vacuum frequently to remove dust from the corners and fabric gaps. In order to avoid shrinkage as much as possible, it is recommended to send a special washing shop to dry clean.

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