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The new trend of office furniture - personalized customization into the mainstream



  With the increasing demand for office furniture customization, a number of enterprises specializing in the development of office furniture should also be on the market. It is understood that the current custom office furniture accounted for about 10% of the entire office furniture market, as a new thing, its development space is still very large.

  1. The awareness of brand consumption is constantly increasing

  For a long time, China, as a major country in the production of office furniture, accounted for 70% of the total output value of office furniture in the world. Although in terms of quantity, China's office furniture industry is a veritable big industry; from the quality point of view, China's export office furniture manufacturing level has reached the European high-end level, but it still lacks domestic famous and internationally renowned brands.

  With the continuous improvement of household consumption levels, consumers' awareness of active consumption and rational consumption has continuously increased. Consumers pay more attention to health and environmental protection, pursue a more refined life, pay more attention to the style and details of the products, and prefer products that are in harmony with the style of home decoration to enhance the quality of life. At the same time, the era of “branding” has arrived, and consumers are paying more and more attention to famous brands, which has led to the continuous adjustment of corporate strategies by office furniture companies.

  2, green environmental consumption has gradually become mainstream

  Office furniture is one of the industries that rely heavily on resources. The resource conservation of the office furniture industry is of great significance to the development of a conservation economy in the entire industry. In the field of office furniture, environmental protection has always been a hot topic in the field. Now consumers are demanding more environmental protection when purchasing office furniture products. They will not only know the formaldehyde content of the products in detail, but also give priority to those products that have been certified by the ten rings and other green household materials and green furniture. People are paying more and more attention to environmental protection and health, so environmentally-friendly personalized custom furniture has become the first choice.

  Every enterprise customer hopes that the office environment of their own enterprise is unique, and the office space decorated with personalized office furniture will inevitably make people feel good and happy. However, the purchaser of the enterprise must know the charm of the office space and grasp the degree. For the choice of personalized creative office furniture, the office furniture custom manufacturer recommends that the purchasing personnel should be rational.

  We need to know that office furniture manufacturers have creative office furniture designs that are designed to create a better office space environment. In other words, it is impossible to create a better office environment for users, and then the innovative design will lose its value.

  So how do stylish office furniture manufacturers create a better office environment?

  The quality of the office environment not only affects the company's image, but also affects the work status and work efficiency of employees. Therefore, creating a more comfortable and efficient office environment is the basic guarantee for the company to enhance its image, talent competitiveness and production capacity.

  Therefore, the suggestion of Guanchen office furniture here is to choose custom office furniture. Customized office furniture is designed and customized for the office space of each enterprise. Therefore, the design solution is more targeted and more suitable for Customer office space. Therefore, the office environment can be better improved, and because it is designed for the customer's office, there must be elements of the client company in it, which also ensures the personalization and uniqueness of the furniture.

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