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Office furniture business management comprehensive indicators



  According to the changes in industry development and business trends, Shanghai Pumei Furniture Co., Ltd. integrates the 20 indicators of enterprise management from the development of global industry and the status quo of domestic industry. The projects involved include concepts, integration, layout, mode and operation. , transformation, policy, cooperation, international, strategy, culture, certification, organization, manpower, compensation, benefits, training, performance, expenses, profit, capital, finance, marketing brand, publicity, media, architecture, landscape, interior, products, Exhibitions, catalogues, materials, design, environment, business, prices, support, distribution, channels, e-commerce, customers, logistics, services, factories, production, equipment, technology, assembly, collaboration, research, research, knowledge, information, archiving , standards, property rights, law, public relations, environmental protection, public welfare... The base of the 20 indicators can be set from 0 to 10, ten levels, and its basic outline is as follows:

  01, enterprise philosophy

  Any office furniture should have a strong and achievable concept. For example, our store “Your satisfaction, my pursuit” is the service concept pursued. “Chinese brand, world positioning” is the company's development strategy. A good design development strategy is a good business, so that it can bring funds to the promotion of culture. And they not only adhere to the concept of internal and external, but also set goals to gradually achieve. The concept mentioned here is the professional goal of its operation, and it will be pursued firmly. Unlike a domestic company, it is just a slogan and a imaginary goal. At the beginning, it is how to make a serious emphasis on the real operation of the company.

  02, top level thinking

  Refers to the leader and the leader of the enterprise, the cognition and vision of the office furniture industry. Of course, it is best to love the industry and think that it is a lifelong career, that is, professional and knowing people. The worst thing is that you don't understand, and you don't trust professional people to operate..... So the top thinking is the biggest driving force behind the development of the company....There are at least ten levels in the hierarchy, and currently the domestic It seems that the best top-level thinking is not seen. It is not lacking. This is the lack of it, so it is difficult to form a professional and strong management team.

  03, brand image

  It is easy to take a business or brand name, but it is not easy to form a brand that is popular. However, most of the current office furniture brands only end in the industry's brand image, can not exceed this range. That is based on the fact that the entire industry is not valued and the office environment is not valued. Office furniture may not be easy to become a consumer brand of the public, but at least in government units, enterprises, schools, designers, media ... have a relative cognition, to achieve the basic image value of office furniture brands.

  04, focus on design

  In the design of the office furniture industry, perhaps the product is an important part, but in all aspects to highlight the professionalism of the enterprise. It is necessary to pay attention to the 10 designs of architecture, landscape, interior, product, plane, exhibition, color, image, soft installation and archiving related to the enterprise itself, in order to stand out. But at the moment there seems to be no such office furniture company, let alone the artistic and cultural aspects of design.

  05, product research and development

  At present, the company's product development concept is to have new products every year, and the fastest way is to go to foreign exhibitions to learn, not to stand on the market and development, so many homogenous products come to life, forever In the price competition. Product development is a combination of external and internal design, which is trend and market orientation. But now it has become a "design business", and many designers who have worked in enterprise R&D have jumped out of the establishment of design companies under market orientation. The product is mainly based on the appearance change, and it is sold in the market by drawing various patterns. Then, the exhibition hall, the exhibition, the album, etc. are packaged together, which is of course beneficial to the weaker design team, but also causes the business to operate. There are many homogenous points. 06

  06, the environment concept

  At present, many companies have created the office environment and space as slogans attached to the publicity, and carefully observed, there are really few enterprises that create this kind of energy for customers to create the overall office space. The office environment is only a matter of speaking. I never want to use my own strength or cooperate with professional units to promote the concept of office environment in a planned and methodical way. The most basic indicator is to look at the information printed by enterprises, whether there is environmental protection, but the facts are very few.

  07, market marketing

  The two major swords for the front-end operation of office furniture are product development and marketing. Well-known and mature enterprises will set the cost ratio of the two on the basis of the total business volume, generally in the proportion of 2-5% each, and it is continuous. Marketing-related projects are quite numerous, even up to 100 items. I have worked with many well-known brands in the US, Europe and Japan before, so I know that they must be more sophisticated, and each shot must be quite Evaluation and utility. Over time, it will naturally form a powerful force and become a pioneering force in sales.

  08, production system

  Solid wood paint, panel screen, seat software, hardware steel.... This is an important system for the production of office furniture, each production system of plant, equipment, water and electricity, process, technology, supervisor, quality, environmental protection.... There are standards for continuous improvement and renewal, as well as safe and harmless production space created by the humanized conditions of workers. The production system has a comprehensive relationship with brands, products and market operations. The new concept of production system may be to retain the core and intelligent production system, which is the correct trend, namely the light asset model.

  09, the flow system

  By storage, transportation, assembly... This is a big challenge in countries with large land, but foreign brands have relatively perfect systems to face. Using big data and artificial intelligence to establish a perfect professional storage system, transport fleet, assembly manpower... are the last road to improve product delivery, punctual, safe, complete, perfect and the construction of the Internet of Things, positive It is a key point of operating efficiency.

  10. Service system

  Perfect pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, tour service, customer management, and then to customer-friendly, customer-oriented ... many services, is still a very weak link in the country, good The use of services to create business advantages is the operation trend and the service brings value. The leaders of Shanghai Pumei Furniture Co., Ltd. attach great importance to this and step by step to improve the service system.

  11. Human resources

  Because in the education system, there is no professional system for the development of professional office furniture elites (R&D, marketing, production), so the current manpower operation of recruiting talents, educating talents and retaining talents is of paramount importance. There are also office furniture, although traditional industries, but the development potential is great. For the main sales, research and development, marketing, talents, salary, welfare, equity must have a big picture. When you think about the business turnover to 500 million, 1 billion, 2 billion, 5 billion, 10 billion, how much should you give your sales boss or director?

  12. Marketing system

  The sales channels of office furniture generally have direct cooperation, distribution, special sales, export and other sub-cooperations... In many ways, how to integrate the whole country, the Belt and Road, and the whole world into the sales system is a very scientific calculation and planning. It seems that no company has been able to plan overall, short, medium and long-term market goals and sales plans in this mindset. Of course, the operation of each channel is a professional learning. At the same time, with the progress of the times and the change of concepts, in the operation of the sales system, it is more flexible and forward-looking.

  13. Total sales

  This is the most direct measure of the size of a company, and the global ranking of sales has naturally become the leading office furniture company. However, in China, because the total office furniture company's total sales volume is still quite small, coupled with the lack of other indicators, it can not be called the largest office furniture. Therefore, the total amount of business is the largest, and the other other operating indicators are also within the top three, and its leading position is naturally formed.

  14, marketing profit

  It is a natural reason for business enterprises to gain benefits. Of course, can you make money? Will you make money? Make more or earn less? Naturally, it is also a direct indicator of a company. The operation of a reasonable office furniture enterprise generally has a gross profit of about 20%, a fee of 10%, and a profit of 10%. This is the most reasonable goal. Larger means that the gross profit is too high, business expansion will be limited, and if the business performance is not good, it will affect the subsequent development.

  15. Financial planning

  Although office furniture is a traditional industry, it has to pay attention to and learn about new financial planning concepts and trends. In particular, we must have a big financial philosophy: equity structure design, investment mergers and acquisitions, financing listing, process design, information systems, capital flow, cost control, tax avoidance and taxation, capital credit control, comprehensive budget, risk management, decision support... Must be the business knowledge that both private enterprises and financial directors must have. After all, funds are the life of the company and have to be given special attention.

  16. Professional projects

  The acquisition of all certifications and awards is due to the fact that there are many virtual components in the country. However, when the company's operations go international and global, in the face of competitors, your international awards, certifications and related associations, and the participation and certification of international organizations, such as BIFMA, IFMA, LEED\WELL... are prominent The professional ability of the enterprise and the business thinking are in line with the international. I believe that with the internationalization and transparency of information, many fake and false names will be eliminated.

  17. Continuous innovation

  The innovation mentioned here is a comprehensive and innovative thinking, covering all levels and structures of the enterprise. Continuous innovation is the kinetic energy of sustainable development. The current innovations of domestic companies are short-term, single-point, and there is no absolute advantage, and they will soon be caught up. And many companies have a temporary innovation and success, and can not continue to invest. Therefore, there is no enterprise that continues to innovate and let the company continue to improve, so the genes that can become the leading brand do not exist.

  18. Political situation

  Paying attention to national policies and the world's current situation is also an important part of business operations. Like the “Belt and Road” and “exchange rate changes”, business opportunities are also a failure. We must not care, but we are blindly doing our work. As everyone knows, the glory and the dryness are all at the moment when the policy changes.

  19. Social benefits

  In addition to the efforts of the office furniture industry to participate in disaster relief donations and poverty alleviation, there are many industries dedicated to public welfare, but there are not many investors. Perhaps the former can get a good name, while the latter is a visionary dedication. Like the ECO-OFFICE, college talent training cooperation or the establishment of office furniture specialized colleges, the establishment of relevant authority awards, the establishment of office furniture museum, participate in the "office environment · Chinese dream", office environment research and research activities. However, these are highlighting the professional philosophy of the company.

  20. Development Vision

  First-class office furniture companies must have a vision, business not only pay attention to hardware (Hardware), software (Software), but also have smartware (Smartware). The corporate vision is the goal that all the people in the company aspire to, just like the ideal goal. This is also the three views of the enterprise, and it is the embodiment of "business" into a "career".

  This is a comprehensive indicator that Park Mei Furniture Co., Ltd. believes should be the office furniture business. The initial development of the company or the use of its own advantages and resources, choose a breakthrough development in a few indicators. However, for the current turnover of more than 500 million, and there is a big development plan, to become a first-class office furniture enterprise, Park Mei Furniture should further develop all-round thinking.

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