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Office furniture business trends



  In the article "China's Office Furniture Market and Development Overview" in a newspaper, there have been macro and detailed explanations on market share, market status, brand status, and industry development. After a lapse of one year, the extent of the change in facts is small, and the world’s largest office furniture company estimated an annual turnover of more than $3.3 billion, or about RMB 22 billion. We are the most populous country in the world. Office furniture and public furniture are also products with rigid demand as the market develops and the concept is gradually improved. Coupled with the rise of medical, education, hospitality, finance, furniture, and the strategic development of the country's “One Belt, One Road” in recent years, the market should be quite ambitious. However, at present, the enterprises with the largest turnover in the industry are even less than one-tenth of the others. What is the reason and the lack of conditions? And the gap in our product level is gradually narrowing........ But the overall gap is still so big? Personally think that "management" should be the crux of the problem.

  Four gaps with developed country brands

  From the progress of the global and domestic office furniture industry, identifying business development trends may be a good way to manage this "stick". In fact, there are four main differences between the current advanced national brands and ours:

  1. The industry has a long history of accumulation: many well-known foreign factories have a history of hundreds of years of entrepreneurship, while the domestic maximum will not be more than 30 years. In many industries in China, with the vigorous development of the national economy and the huge population base, many industries can cross the era and have a tendency to emerge. I believe that the office furniture industry is also ok, depending on whether you can grasp the trend of business.

  2. Due to the emphasis on the concept of office environment, the value of products and brands has been created. The formation of this point, office furniture practitioners are crucial to the promotion of the concept of office environment, office furniture practitioners should become the driving axis, through various activities to influence the government, schools, designers, customers ... Give full attention to the universal values of the office environment. At present, this link in China is quite weak, the concept is not improved, the office environment is not valued, the use of office furniture will not be taken seriously, and the value of products and brands cannot be manifested. Everyone has to fall into the price competition.

  3. Advanced and diversified business operations. Although office furniture is a traditional industry, the management of the industry is diversified and professional. Since the reform and opening up, people's attention to the environment has been mostly limited to the home and business environment. For the office environment, it is the least important. Therefore, there is no relative education system to cultivate professional talents. Without professional talents, it is difficult to enter the professional management system. Everyone is a scorpion touching the river. Look at the immediate interests, always treat office furniture as a business. In addition, before the office furniture is mostly based on "relationship" in sales, rather than normal "market sales", of course, it does not value the professionalism and trend of management.

  4, the concept of design, art, culture, office furniture industry to achieve a certain height, you must pay attention to its own construction, landscape, products, indoor, plane, exhibition, video, color, software, archive ..... The all-round design has the ability to convey the thinking of the office environment to the customer, and then to form the social and positive communication of office art and office culture. This is the soft power of well-known brands in advanced countries, and it is also the absolute missing part of domestic manufacturers.

  Park Mei office furniture is aimed at the above four gaps, and in fact is also a benign accumulation of the company's operations, in the further integration of business ideas and indicators. I believe that Shanghai Pumei Furniture Co., Ltd. will go farther and longer in the long-term direction of the office furniture industry in China with the joint efforts of all staff!

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